Residential New Construction


Twin Peaks Engineering Ltd. provides consulting structural engineering services in the Sea to Sky Corridor for the design of new residential builds from the conception stage through to construction and completion.

New construction in Whistler and surrounds

Out of almost half a million residential building permits granted in British Columbia in 2015, there were roughly 10,000 in Whistler and a further 11,700 in Squamish, according to BC Statistics.

Approximately one half of Twin Peaks Engineering Ltd.’s work falls under this banner, which highlights the booming growth in new construction in Whistler and the Sea to Sky Corridor. The planning and design phases run through Winter and Spring, which makes a for a busy construction season throughout Spring, Summer and Fall when conditions are better suited for new builds.

The role of Twin Peaks Engineering Ltd.

At Twin Peaks Engineering Ltd., we review load path locations and liaise with the architect to develop a desirable floor plan that compliments both functionality and constructability.

With structural engineering in the Sea to Sky Corridor, some of the biggest challenges include sloping site conditions, high snow loads, and seismic considerations.

All of our planning, tools and expertise goes into every project in order to ensure such challenges are overcome in the design process, and that the final result is just as aesthetically pleasing in the construction phase.

Smart structural engineering for construction cost savings

Twin Peaks Engineering Ltd. is continually developing relationships with local building contractors to develop construction documents that ensure buildability on-site and deliver cost savings to clients.

During the planning stage, we consider alternative framing methods to simplify the structure and reduce required transfer beams. As well as this, we use alternative structural composite lumber where possible to provide cost savings compared with conventional lumber.